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Scuba diving Canberra IDC instructor teaching

Peter is an extraordinarily knowledgeable course director and is a true Padi Professsional.  Our needs were very specific and Pete was able to exceed our expectations, push us through when we needed a lift and deliver us as quality, confident and knowledgeable Padi Open Water Scuba Instructors. For anyone looking to take the plunge and dive into the world of scuba instruction, I would highly recommend giving Peter a call. - Jacob 

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Scuba diving Canberra IDC instructor teaching

Have fun and learn to be a PADI Dive Pro from one of the best scuba diving professionals.  

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You will receive unique additional material for every course to assist you in progressing and learning not just to achieve your immediate goal as a PADI Pro, but to assist you in learning for life.

As an accredited trainer and experienced executive mentor and coach I offer unparalleled support as you further your Professional PADI dive career.

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